Vampire Trivia!

Thinking of vacationing down south? Well, keep an eye out for a rare mother/child vampire team! The Cihuateteo likes to keep her work close to home, so a woman who dies in childbirth wanders the night as a vampire with her undead child close at hand, attacking children.

Aside from drinking the victim’s blood the Cihuateteo also feeds on the lifeforce of their victim; sucking on the fear and panic their presence creates. Many times a person will just waste away, dying as their life essence is pulled into the vampire’s clutches.

The Cihuateteo can be only fought with charms and relics sacred to the Aztecs that ruled the area – they won’t be afraid of a cross! Add to that the fact that the child will be unafraid of any religious items, not having been alive to fear them, and you have a deadly pair that can only be truly destroyed by fire!

So keep that book of matches or lighter handy when in Mexico…

Brought to you by “The Second Line” – coming from Mundania Press in September 2007! Corporate espionage, chocolate and vampires!


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