Vampire Trivia!

When travelling in India be sure to keep clear of the Masan or Masand – this vampire is the unfortunate ghost of a child who is trapped inbetween this world and the next, thanks to not having the proper rituals performed. Angry at being denied a final rest, the spirit takes out his/her anger on anyone nearby, especially on children!

The Masan will lure children into quiet, dark places and attack them; draining the blood from their bodies. You can’t reason with a Masan, they are so filled with hatred that they will curse you for crossing their path or walking in their shadows!

So when in India make sure to keep your eye on your children and those of your friends – that quiet child in the playground trying to convince other kids to come and play elsewhere might just be a Masan seeking a fresh kill…

Brought to you by “The Second Line” – coming from Mundania Press in September 2007! Corporate espionage, chocolate and vampires!


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