A comic book you SHOULD get ahold of…

A few months ago I tripped across a documentary on Frontline about a man who wanted to try and make a difference for his kids. All he wanted to do was try to give them superheroes that they could relate to as Muslims. After all, it’s pretty well an American POV when it comes to superheroes, despite the best efforts of many a comic book creator and writer to give a world view.

Thus the 99 were born…


Folks, this is one of the BEST comics I’ve read to date. I looked over the online version and was lucky enough to get one through my local comic book store when a shipment of FREE copies were sent out of The 99: Origins.

The inking is incredible, the drawing superb and the story is one that you haven’t seen before – promise!

And, if I may wax philosophical for a minute – it’s a darned good weapon against those who would turn children into political pawns for their own use. Here you’ve got great examples of people who can and will relate to those children who can’t find Superman and Wonder Woman something they can take to heart.

Go, read… and support this comic book! The latest “Previews” issue has it up for order and your local comic book dealer can order in copies for you.

Do it because it’s a GREAT book, do it to support indy comics and do it because it’s the right thing to do.

’nuff said.


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