Summertime Television!

Well, as usual there’s very little on the telly these days other than sports – and if it ain’t hockey or lacrosse, I don’t care. Sorry, I’ve got no interest in seeing Steroid-Boy Bonds hit another home run. And all I can think about NASCAR is how much the drivers must want to turn right after a few hours in the same car.

However, I’ve tripped across some cool new series that just might make it out of the summer blues and into the mainstream fall schedule – and darn it, they’re good!

So here’s my picks for a good evening of decent television – nonwithstanding snuggling with the sweetie of your choice, natch!

“Saving Grace” – TNT – – you can actually watch episodes online, so take advantage of the fact that it’s only been on for a few weeks and catch up.

In a nutshell, Grace is a wreck. An alcoholic police detective in Oklahoma City, she’s having an affair with a married man (on her squad) and can’t control her anger at anything and everything. One night she hits and kills a man while driving home drunk – and in a fit of desperation asks God to help her.

And he does… courtesy of a tobacco-chewing angel named Earl. Cool wings, btw. And an attitude that won’t let up. This angel must have been assigned to Elijah, methinks. So he wants to help save Grace (get it?) and she’s not keen on that. But the man’s still alive and now her best pal who works in forensics is busy analying every scrap of data Grace can give her in order to prove the existence of angels – and get Grace a bit closer to God.

Holly Hunter does a great job of a woman struggling with her past – and while the books dealing with 9/11 are hitting the stands it’s time to remember there are also survivors of other tragedies out there; such as Oklahoma City. There’s a personal connection here, one that’s probably helped Grace down into the pit she’s in at this point.

Catch this one while it’s still fresh. I hope it survives the summer; it’s a darned refreshing view of life, policework and just plain old religion.

“Burn Notice” – USA Network –

This one’s a great take on the old spy story – what happens to spies when they get “burned”? A Burn Notice, btw, is what happens when a spy happens to be fired. They disappear from the books but still have to survive.

Michael’s a professional working for “some” American agency who gets a burn notice while overseas. Struggling his way back home he ends up in Miami with his ex-girlfriend (who happens to be an ex-IRA member) and unable to access anything or anyone connected with his old life. While he’s trying to find out who burned him he’s got to deal with an ex-spy buddy (Played by BRUCE CAMPBELL!) keeps tabs on him for the Feds and his family who Michael’s been avoiding for decades. Between seeking information he takes on jobs for people who need help, of course.

This one’s a hoot. Aside from watching Michael MacGyver TONS of nasty spy weaponery with household items, the interaction between him, Fiona and Sam the ex-spy is priceless. Sharon Gless plays his mother who’s glad to have him back in town but who can’t stop meddling in his life and finding people for him to help.

Well worth an hour of your time, says I. Much better than watching that rerun of… well, anything!

And, of course, the majority of what’s being shown on Sci Fi –

“Eureka”‘s back for a second season and still a great catch. “Dr. Who” is always guaranteed to be a good romp. I can’t wait for “Flash Gordon” next month and am already humming that classic Queen title music. (FLASH! AAAHHAAAHH!!)

And lastly, if you can get BBC America – get a look at “Torchwood”.

Be warned, however – this is NOT for the kiddies. There’s a lot of stuff here that’s definitely Adult Entertainment, if you get my drift. But it’s a spin-off of Dr. Who and darned good if you love old Captain Jack Harkness, says I. I mean, check out the info…

The Torchwood Institute:
Established by Queen Victoria after an extra-terrestrial incursion on British soil in 1879.

Based deep within the Hub, housed under 21st century Cardiff Bay, Torchwood is a repository for the accumulation and safe keeping of alien artefacts and beings that emerge via the Rift – an invisible but powerful tear in the fabric of reality. Earth’s first line of defence, the Torchwood team protects humanity from dangers threatening it, both from beyond the Rift and closer to home in a century where everything changes. Torchwood is led by Captain Jack Harkness, who knows that everything they discover is invaluable for mankind to survive what he believes is coming…”

Now you’re curious.

And now I’m outta here before Bonds hits that home run and I have to listen to every station replay it ad infinitum…


6 thoughts on “Summertime Television!

  1. i ❀ torchwood!
    take early x-files, put it in the blender with dr who, add a pinch of wales and produce it by the bbc and you’ve got torchwood. πŸ˜‰

  2. i ❀ torchwood!
    take early x-files, put it in the blender with dr who, add a pinch of wales and produce it by the bbc and you’ve got torchwood. πŸ˜‰

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