Well, the Wookie and I survived our fifth year at Origins – a gaming convention in Columbus Ohio. And we had FUN!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – what, a bunch of geeks sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons or some sort of silliness like that… but wait, there’s more!

First, while there *IS* a lot of roleplaying games going on there, the world of board games has expanded far beyond the usual Monopoly and Scrabble. Both of which were there, btw. Along with the American Go Association, which I NEED to visit and learn how to play Go eventually. But I digress…

Found a few excellent games that I want to recommend to you, the casual reader, as a great way to spend some time and juice up those creative urges. Because as a writer you should always be looking for a way to take a break and yet stir the creative pot. And darn it, these are fun!

First, the Herocard game system – – in a nutshell, this is a simple my hero vs your hero card game set in different scenarios. You want to go feudal Japan? You want to go Superhero? You want Outer Space? This is a great system that you can learn quickly and a darned fun game. The Flash tutorials are SO good that I wish they had sound… and well worth the investment.

Second, ANYTHING from Looney Labs – – we picked up Treehouse, voted the best Board Game of the convention and FLUXX, a ten year old card game that keeps getting better almost hourly. Heck, they’re planning to release Zombie Fluxx in the fall – how cool is THAT? Not to mention they’re all small, portable and a good small company to support. And all made in the USA, for those of you who look for that sort of thing.

Last, but not least – the Stargate SG-1 Collectible Card Game – available both online and off at – we took in a demo of the online version (free download from Sony!) and then got into a tournament to really learn the game quickly. It’s worth the investment for any SG fan and have the coolest pics and characters. Yes, Janet’s in there along with Elizabeth Weir. And the quotes are to DIE for!

So, there you go – a few interesting diversions for anyone looking for something a wee bit different to take up some spare time and to encourage that little bit of creative spark to get a-blowing!



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