Vampire Trivia!

When in Morocco be sure to keep an eye on the local blacksmiths! A Bouda is a vampire that can shapeshift into a were-hyena and uses their metalworking skills to create amulets and charms to make them stronger. You can tell a regular hyena from a Bouda by checking to see if the animal has an amulet or charm around their neck – without it they can’t change back to human form!

Vampire slayers often use this method to identify the Bouda and can easily hunt down the creature and kill it in either form – as a hyena the vampire is as vulnerable as any wild dog and as a human it has no special skills to protect itself! But this particular vampire is a master of deception and trickery and can easily deceive a hunter into making a deadly mistake…

So keep an eye out when visiting Morocco and see who’s wearing a special charm around their necks… and who isn’t!


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