Stephen King – and why you should read his nonfiction!

I know, I know – what, King does NONFICTION?

I had the same reaction when I tripped across “Dance Macabre” in a drawer at a security post I ended up at – I had time to kill and figured that as long as it didn’t scare me to death it’d be something… and it turned out to be a darned good read!

For the record, I’m not a King fan. The only one of his books I like happens to be “The Stand” and that’s because no one can kill off humanity like Stephen King. Add in the relevance of a fatal pandemic these days and I’m surprised it’s not being reprinted and flying off the shelves. (hint, hint!) Even the miniseries did a pretty good job of telling the tale, but there’s nothing like the actual words to send a shiver down your spine while making you think twice about those military installations down the street – and what would YOU do when it all goes amuk?

“Dance Macabre” is a great history of the horror films – not the slasher flicks we all jumped at such as Halloween 300 and Jason XXX, but the oldies – the black and white giant ants, the werewolf flicks and the vampires before Tom Cruise made them sexy. Even War of the Worlds comes in for a visit as King discusses the historical relevance and puts them in context of a world waiting for the Bombs to drop and wipe us all out. It’s hard to find a copy these days other than used, but if you can find one get it and treasure it – I have two copies and they’re practically worn out!

And the second one is “On Writing” – sure, it’s obviously aimed at writers who want to find out the man’s secrets, but it’s also a fantastic biography of someone who slugged his way up from the bottom of the stack into the bestsellers list – and how he almost lost it all due to a freak accident that turned his and his family’s life upside down. Sure, there’s plenty of great advice here for writers, but the suffering this man’s gone through will give you a heck of a lot of new respect for the man – and what he’s gone through to give us some of the best horror writing of our time!

well, enough rambling from the old broad for now… go forth and read!!!


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