Book Review – World War Z by Max Brooks

In an attempt to encourage more people to pick up more books, I’ve decided to post wee reviews of what’s on MY bookshelf and why I liked them!

So let’s start off with a rousing zombie romp… what, you don’t like zombies?

Truth be told – neither do I. I know, I know – living in the Pittburgh area and not liking zombies is rather akin to not being a Steelers fan, but I just can’t get excited about bad guys who just saunter towards you growling loudly. There are exceptions to the rule, such as “28 Days” where the “zombies” can cut a pretty fast trail to your brains, but generally I’ve found zombie flicks to be rather illogical and just more gore than plot.

Then, of course, I found a book that beat down all my stereotypes.

“World War Z” is by Max Brooks – Mel Brooks’ son, for those of you who keep track of that sort of thing. Yes, THAT Mel Brooks. Seriously.

Max Brooks also wrote “The Zombie Survival Guide” which is a sort of primer for this hardcover entry into the literary world. And darn it, it’s heading for the movie screens. And I shall watch!

What really captured my attention about this book was the simple fact that it’s an oral history of exactly what the title says – a major world war dealing with a “zombie” virus that’s infected mankind and how people dealt with it. From major military battles to the average person trying to get far enough North through Canada to survive both the winter and the zombies on the way, this book is a captivating look at a world that just might be. While most zombie movies like to dwell on a single city or perhaps hint at the insanity beyond the borders of the screen, “World War Z” just goes there and shows you what’s happening – from military blunders to successes and the eventual result. Yes, there’s some gory details (what would a book about zombies be, otherwise?) but overall it’s a heck of a grand read and I can’t wait for the movie to come out.


Consider buying it for yourself or your undead friends!

and remember – never eat brains and drive…


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