up, down, sideways and backwards..

well, it’s been one heck of a busy few weeks – however, the weekend was a total blast.

I attended the annual Pennwriters writing conference (www.pennwriters.org for those so interested) and had a great time attending seminars by authors, agents and editors. The amount of information was over the top and I literally feel like I’ve done a marathon. I don’t think I’ve written so many pages of notes since college, and that’s saying something.

I *did* get an agent asking for a partial on my next novel, tentatively titled “Darkness Travels”, but I’ve got to do some more work on it and she’s moving AND getting married, so she told me not to send the partial her way until after the summer. Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem, with all the other things happening in my life.

which brings me to the point of today’s entry – if you ARE serious about writing and really, REALLY serious about getting published, you should join and attend writing groups in your area. I know, I know – you’re an introvert, you don’t play well with others… so am I, but the amount of information I got from attending this conference was invaluable – and well worth the personal angst of having to meet strange people (in more than one way!) and breaking my usual routine. There’s just some things that you can’t get through online workshops or picking up books or just plain old chatting online.

I also got to meet some great authors (Rebecca Drake and Heather Terrell, among others) and get books autographed – how cool is that?

I definitely recommend Pennwriters for those looking for a mellow writing organization – they do take outside members, so if you’re not in Pennsylvania don’t fret – you can join and take part in the e-loops as well.

now I’m off to revamp my web page, work on “Darkness Travels”, wait for a new garage door opener to be installed, empty my MIL’s house for it to be sold, wait for the new windows and siding to be installed on THIS house and… oh, wait… recover!

it’s a Good Day.

(crossposted to http://www.myspace.com/sherylnantus – come be my friend… please?)


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