Just Say No (VT commentary)

I just watched a psychiatrist on ABC point out the obvious – that WE are giving this nutbar the publicity and the fame that he wanted by posting his pictures and videos everywhere. You can’t turn on the telly or surf the web without coming across these obscene pictures or listening to his ranting on video that he meant to somehow insure his immortality.

This guy was nuts. He intentionally killed over thirty men and women and then blew his own brains out. This is no hero fighting oppression; this is a coward who took the easy way out. Someone who truly believed in whatever cause he was vomiting about on screen would have the balls to stand trial for it.

But he didn’t. So now we get the rambling dialogues spewed out on every station and on every webpage as we try to “understand” what made this nutbar different from the rest of us.


He was nuts. Crazy. A lunatic. Whatever non-PC title you want to use; he was it. He wasn’t a member of the human race; he dropped down to the level of a beast and used inhumane tactics to terrorize and victimize literally hundreds of people.

And now we’re letting him do it again. Think about the families and friends of those lost and wounded in this tragedy that NOW have to watch and listen to their murderer rant and rave over and over again on a dozen different networks, to say nothing of the online presence this kook is going to get. He’ll probably be the number one video at YouTube, if he isn’t already. Great for the families who lost their children to click on a link and see him try to justify his rampage, eh?

You might be wondering why I’ve not mentioned him by name. Well, it’s because I believe he lost all rights to be referred to as a human being when he went on his death mission and killed so many to get his yayas off. He was no hero, he was a snivelling coward who should have been picked out of the crowd months ago and forced to get treatment but we failed in that. Now we’re going to continue terrorizing the REST of the world by showing his degenerate ramblings?

Just say no.

NO to the video, NO to the diatribes, NO to the pictures. Turn them off and tell the stations and the newspapers and the websites that you won’t be there until they delegate this creep to the history files. Let him sink into obscurity faster than last month’s newspaper. Let him rot.

Don’t let him create another generation of victims. Don’t let him influence kids who would now see him as a hero fighting some sort of crazy war. Don’t let him win.

’nuff said.

(crossposted to my Myspace page)


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