mandatory religious commentary…

the title should have warned you… religious content ahead!

every once in a while I fall back on my Catholic roots, being an ELC (Extremely Lapsed Catholic) and wonder about some basic events.

last Sunday was Palm Sunday – when Jesus rode into Jerusulem on the back of a donkey and had the crowds go nuts. Cheering, clapping – the entire rock star welcome. Cries of “Messiah!” all over the place along with the expectation that this, finally, was going to be the beginning of the end of Roman rule in that part of the world along with a basic revolution.

of course we know how that went.

historically speaking in a few hours (depending on where you live, yatta yatta yatta) the same crowd will be standing in front of Pilate, demanding the death of this man they had so generously welcomed only a few days ago. They’re going to rant and rave and toss rocks and demand the release of a thief and the death of Jesus; harassing Him all the way up through the city to Golgotha where he’ll be crucified and his disciples forced to deny they even knew Him.

how condemning of the human race is that?

but we see the same behavior on a daily basis in present-day society, where we’re easily led as a mob from one cause to the other without anyone stopping and really analysing what’s going on. I’ve been in a few street demonstrations (okay, riots) and I can tell you that it only takes a few inflammatory words for a shy, quiet person to turn into a raving anarchist smashing in Starbuck Coffee Shop windows. And then claiming that it was all for the greater good, of course. Like Starbucks is going to go out of business ’cause a black-shirted thug doesn’t like the GTO or GTA or some such silliness. But I digress.

I like to think that a lot of those people that were in the mob on Palm Sunday and also on Good Friday walked away with confusion in their minds and an ache in their hearts. That they had rushed to judgment and now had to live with a man’s blood on their hands – the mob mentality only lasts for so long before you revert to your old self, hopefully. Maybe they went home and prayed for forgiveness for their actions in encouraging the death of an individual whose only crime seemed to be that He didn’t fulfill their needs fast enough. Heck, all he did was raise the dead and heal the sick.

maybe the next time everyone gets into a crowd and starts rushing around to either condemn or applaud someone we should step back, out of the media frenzy and figure out what *WE* think about this. Do we really support this or are we going along with the crowd ’cause it’s fun and cool and darn it, we get to be on television or YouTube if we do it right? Are you one of those people who would be tossing palms down in front of the donkey on Palm Sunday and yelling for blood on Good Friday, or are you walking your own path?

time for tea.

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