The inhumanity of man…
Being a Court TV junkie I’ve been watching the Jessica Lunsford trial all this week – in a nutshell, she was kidnapped from her home in Florida by a sex offender who lived across the street and kept for three days in his trailer only a few feet away from where the cops were searching before he killed her.

He buried her alive.

While the defense was able to squash a confession he made, they  had enough proof to convict based on statements he made to the prison guards and other inmates. Couey buried her alive in two garbage bags, telling her that he was taking her home. When they found her body her fingers were poking through the plastic; indicating that she had tried to fight even as he dumped dirt on her and she died.

Vampires have nothing on the real evil that we can do to each other when we get started. At least vampires can be knocked off with a bit of holy water, a stake and a religious symbol.



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