when it’s not nice to annoy writers…

Recently on the Absolute Write board we had an influx of new visitors who all wanted to discuss/dispute the 9/11 Conspiracy, as they saw it. There’s actually a special section set aside for these sort of discussions, the Take It Outside board.

But for some reason this particular thread got… well, let’s just say it got rather ranting and screaming for a few new posters. Jenna, the owner of the board and a GREAT person, pointed out that while it was for all topics that it could be scaled back a wee bit… because she’s a nice person and all that.

Until one of the AW’s did a bit of research and found that the new peeps all belonged to the 9/11 Posting Army – a Yahoo group . Seems they get their rocks off running onto boards to “promote discussion” when they just want to rant and rave and try to change minds by screaming louder than anyone else about government oppression and the like.

While I think the right to free speech is one that can’t be stepped on, I do find it horrible that these people are wandering from board to board trying to promote their cause through spamming. AW has already complained to Yahoo about the specific group (who is now calling AW full of fascists) for their targeting of AW.

Just a heads-up in case any of you suddenly find your fav board filled with these jerks. It’s one thing to have a discussion, another to be spammed with people there for the wrong purpose – if I want to discuss that topic, I’ll find you – you don’t need to find me. Especially on a writing board.

Thankee all!


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