moving along…

well, got the form from the Mundania art department about what I would like for the cover of “The Second Line”… here’s my thoughts, among others:

” I have some basic plot devices that I think would work well on the cover – a set of rosary beads – black wooden beads with every fifth being a red wooden rose. It’s a Catholic thang! 🙂

An old long-barrelled .38 revolver – not the snub-nosed ones we see on the police shows, but the old black gunmetal ones the old cops used to use.

I’d like to see St. George as a silhouette, since her business is corporate espionage and she wouldn’t want to be seen, so a long-haired woman in a tattered old combat jacket in shadows would be good.

A coffin-shaped chocolate oozing red liquid from a “vampire” puncture wound would be good too…  Perhaps the beads, gun and candy on a table?

And last, since it’s placed in Toronto, Canada perhaps the CN Tower in the background would be useful for a setting.”

and no, I’m not going to tell you where they all fit in… yet!



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