well, the New Year is almost upon us and as I wait to gain entry into the kitchen (the parental unit is on a baking rage) I’ve looked back over the year… and it turned out pretty darned well in some spots.

The Good: Five short stories sold and one novel – whoa… as well, a new laptop purchased with those funds received by writing tons of short nonfiction squawks for content sites and even a bit of a profit for that income tax report. Not bad at all, since I like the idea of being somewhat in the black for such things.

The Bad: Not going to go into details, but my family has let me down bigtime regarding the parental unit. Let’s just say that I won’t be crossing the border for anyone other than my sister and mother for the foreseeable future. And promises don’t really mean anything when made by family.

Still, can’t complain. Coming up on five years cancer-free, feeling okay and got to get back on the treadmill on the KP routine to get it in gear to push “Second Line” next year and into 2007 when it’ll be actually published. New Stargate and BG on the way as well as enjoying new shows like Veronica Mars and two fat happy cats.

Oh, and that husband thang as well. His DNA will be available on request for those seeking as good a man as I have. Yes, I’ll brag.


Happy New Year, all of ya!!!


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