thoughts and ruminations… blah, blah blah…

well, it’s been a few months since “The Second Line” was accepted, and it’s still sinking in – the fact that someone actually wants to publish MY book.

now don’t get me wrong – I always wanted to believe that my writing was good enough for the mainstream public to enjoy and darn it, it’s nice to put out a book that isn’t full of smut or sex (because there’s a honking VAMPIRE out to kill them!) and to refer to it as a sort of “Romancing the Stone” with a vampire bad guy, but it’s taking a long time to sink in.

I’m not sure why – maybe it’s a latent Catholic influence of guilt that I don’t really deserve this, blah blah blah or that I’m unsure of how it’s going to be received – it’s not full of guts and gore nor major violence; it’s a good romantic romp without sex but a lot of cute stuff and there’s some character building and personal redemption in the end and a bit of actual theology.. and darn it, they STILL want to print it!

well, I’ve got a year to believe it.


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