survived the interview…

well, the interview went VERY well – the host was a great fellow who enjoyed “The Project” and the entire hour flew by in a flash – we even got a caller!!!

unfortunately due to technical difficulties I couldn’t hear hear directly and Jack had to repeat her questions to me in the studio, but it was a generic “Where do you get your ideas from?” type of caller and I really enjoyed chatting to her. If she visits this LJ, I’d love to hear from you again!

other than that, GO CHICAGO and I’m outta here for the day… exhausted, tossed the Balok’s Big Book of Banter to Dog Soul Publishing as per our contract (and on time and a good write at that!) have some book reviews to polish for Bibliobuffet and the Wookie’s bringing home dinner.

he’s a well-trained man. Gotta love that.



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