I am such a bag ho…

one of my biggest weaknesses are bags. NOT purses, thank you very much – I’m talking about bags, messenger carrying cases, backpacks and the like. Anything that’ll hold a good couple of books and maybe my laptop if it’s padded enough and have room left over for some purchases.

so when I tripped across a note in the TV Guide this week about Veronica Mars using an American Eagle Outfitters satchel, I thought it’d be nice to look it up. NOT that I’m a huge fan (well, yet..) but I’m enjoying the show and it looked like a decent carrying bag for goodies and the like.

the Wook and I tripped over to Uniontown Mall last night to see if the AE there had one. Of course, I wasn’t interested off the top because the darned thing was $39.95 on their website and even if I WAS a fan (which I’m not much of… really.) I wasn’t going to pay that much for even a wonderfully durable, khaki fat canvas bag.

however, at $19.95 I wasn’t going to leave the store without it.


and look… a great spot to put my KP button pin to boot!


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