well, the plumber has come and gone and five hundred dollars later we have not only a toilet that works, but a new pressure regulator (?) on the hot water tank as well as two fixed leaks.

I have to point out here that the plumber who showed up was NOT the original one we called – that SOB who spoke to the Wookie Monday night said that he would show up Tuesday morning between 8 and 9.

I call about 10 and leave a message.

the Wookie calls about noon and does the same. The “answering service” says they’ll page the bastard again. At about 2 pm the Wookie wonders if we should call them back again and I veto the idea. Instead we call the Steelers fan who couldn’t be bothered to take our call on Monday night and leave a message.

by the time the Wook arrives home Tuesday night there’s nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even a “we’re busy but we’ll get to you!” call from either of these two. Instead the Wook gets on the phone and we find a fantastic, wonderful, licensed MASTER plumber who comes within the hour and puts in a stopgap remedy for the night to get water to the shower and sink and came back yesterday to finish up the job.

I’m ready to send a nasty letter to the editor detailing the loss of customer service and ranting something bigtime. Of course, this will probably replace it. Neither idiot has returned our calls as of this date. It amazes me that ANYONE in this entire county stays solvent since no one seems to want our money or our business. Roofers, painters, plumbers… obviously Washington County is full of billionaires who just don’t need to work.



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