tell me…

what IS it with people these days that don’t want to work?

we’ve asked a few roofers to come on by and give us an estimate – nothing, no one.

last night we sprung a leak in the basement – basically we’ve had to shut off the bathroom water and use buckets to flush the toilet. Not a big problem, but annoying as you can guess.

so da Wookie calls one place last night – “Oh, he’s at the Steelers game.”

second call – had to call TWICE before he called us back, promised to call today between eight and nine.

check time stamp here.

just called about ten minutes ago and left ANOTHER message with a woman who may not be as smart as Jazz, but I’m not betting on it.

maybe it’s just me being grumpy about small towns, but what IS it with people out here who don’t answer phone calls or want work?

the Wookie is most perturbed, as you can guess. As am I, since it’s a pain to bring three buckets from the kitchen to the bathroom to flush.

bah, humbug on “professionals”. Obviously they’re too rich out here to take on more work.

yah, right.



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