allow me to rant…

… if only because I can put this down to “that” time of the month, which is becoming more rare as I get older. Yes, I know – TMI.

this new cervical cancer vaccine that’s being touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread is, undoubtedly, a MAJOR breakthrough.

but there’s the small print that’s annoying me. Basically, what’s being left out or barely mentioned.

the HPV virus, which causes 70% of cervical cancer, is sexually transmitted. By men and women. So this vaccine is a Good Thing, since it’ll hopefully take them out of the picture by killing off the virus BEFORE you get infected.

However, 30% of all women (like me…) who have cervical cancer do/did NOT have this virus. In other words, it ain’t going eradicate cervical cancer. Cut the numbers down a LOT and it’s a great invention and definitely a step forward, but it’s not going to erase cervical cancer from the number of Bad Things that can affect women. But whereas cervical cancer’s been seen as the Bad Sex Cancer before it might help renovate the image of just sexually active women/sluts as being the only victims.

I just wish they’d continue the story past the great stats – yes, it’s a good vaccine and it’s going to save lives and I can’t argue with that. But don’t think that it’s going to save ALL women from cervical cancer and we still need to push Pap smears and prevention before depending on a little needle stick to change everything.

rant over.

we now return you to much, MUCH better things to do.


thank you and good night.


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