great – looks like we have a postal thief in our area.

my KP DVD set never arrived and the seller is sending out another set – which is VERY good of him and it’s registered, but still… and we lost a KP pin back in July which I put down to just carelessness…

and we’re waiting on something else for the Wookie, but I”m getting rather bugged. Might just go a little postal myself on the local post office employees depending on what happens here. We can file online complaints, but I’m not sure if a more “direct” approach might work, as in making an appearance at the local office and seeing the Postmaster in person and registering a complaint there.

and considering how well these jerks get paid, it’s pissing me off to NO end.

especially stealing KP stuff.

that’s just sick and wrong.


add to that the peeps who we’re doing the D&D book for just asked for a major section to be cut out, and it’s starting off to be a glorious day.


time for tea.




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