I can’t really add much more to the devestation that’s being run non-stop on all the news channels, but let me blather a bit about my thoughts behind this.


Democratic, Republican or just plain nuts, the problem isn’t necessarily a political one but one of layers upon layers of bureaucrats that thrive on paperwork and charts that lay out every possible route and upon which You Shall Not Do Anything Else is marked out in bright red ink.

Anyone who’s ever dealt with a government agency, local state or federal, knows what I’m talking about. There’s papers to be filled out, stamps to be paid for and verified and a number of people wandering through these offices with nothing more to do than file paper after paper after paper, usually in the wrong file.

Is FEMA a clustermuck? Definitely… but place the blame more on the bureaucrats than the politicians – when the Big Investigation happens, and it will, I’m willing to bet that every single one of them will be able to point at their specific task (as laid out in a fat binder with techno-color labels on the side) and say that they did exactly what they were supposed to do.


Without deviation nor thought to thinking outside the box. Without consideration to the shifting sands upon which most people were standing, literally, in the Gulf area.

It’s not the government that failed the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas so much as it’s the bureaucrats who flipped open their disaster binders and followed each word and line to the letter… to the bitter end.

And while a few heads may roll here and there for the sake of satisfying the public, the bureaucrats will slap a few Post-it notes into these binders and push them back onto the shelves for the next disaster to occur.

Count on it.


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