argh… what day is it again?

my migraine just broke, or I think it did – five (four? six?) days of annoyance…

add in a visit to the dentist AND the gyne and you know I’m way out of it… the Wookie, bless him, tucked me into bed after today’s appt with some Tylenol and let me doze it away… hopefully that’s it for the migraine.

although, let me point out that if you HAVE to go to a gyne – get a handsome one. Mine is darned drop-dead good looking and if anyone’s going to go a-poking around at least let it be someone cute.

I am so shallow.


and, of course, my yearly preaching about the necessity of ALL women to get Pap smears – going on four years (crosses fingers) cancer-free but it wouldn’t have been detected so early if I hadn’t gone for my usual checkup – it’s a pain and I won’t tell you it’s nothing, but it’s worth it for the health reasons.

speech over.

now, where’s my chocolate and caffeine….

*passes out*


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