surviving and thriving…

well, two whole weeks and nothing to report on the home front as far as trouble goes with the parental unit… she’s happily washing dishes so often that I can’t even drop a single glass into the sink and walk away for five minutes!

oh, the pain of it all.





Sci-Fi Friday night with me, da Wook and mother who LOVES SG-1, Atlantis and BG.

can you ask for a better time or what?


on the writing front, finished a sweet depressing piece that’s non-fantasy, so trying to find a place for it that’s going to pay at least a few bucks… seems that there’s a lot of free zines out there, but I’m trying to raise my standards at least to the point of getting PAID…

yah, right.

did get a quick acceptance of my review of War of The Worlds at the Sword Review – and immediately a rebuttal by one of their staff who seems to have more time on his hands than I do.

heh, heh.

but I got bigger credits, so… I’ll take the five bucks and run.

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