random blatherings…

well, the situation with the parental unit’s coming to a head – don’t want to write out all the details ’cause it’ll put you all to sleep, but it’ll be resolved this weekend one way or another.


we had planned to go to Confluence tomorrow, but I’m backing out on that one – maybe I’ve just gotten spoiled by too many good local conventions in Toronto, but I’ve got problems with a convention that refuses to put any details up on their website about what’s going to be offered in the way of events and panels – they’ve got up what movies and dealers are going to be there, but that’s it. I even wrote the webmaster a week ago and asked if they had some sort of schedule that they could send me in order to see if Saturday was the best day to go or if Friday/Sunday was better.

he wrote back and told me that no, they didn’t have any sort of schedule they could send me but Saturday was the faboo day to be going.

yah, right. At $40 per person I’m not really willing to take the risk of going there at ten am tomorrow with the Wookie and walking out an hour later because I’ve no interest in the panels or the discussion groups or whatever this convention has to offer because they’ve got NOTHING listed on their website. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood and that’s entirely possible, but I’m getting the impression that they’re just not interested in getting the walk-in crowd that’s out of the convention loop. If you’re going to advertise your con on the web, why not actually include DETAILS about what’s happening in order to attract more peeps? Maybe I missed something here, moving down from Toronto.


of course, that means I have a ton of Nth Degree zines here, so anyone who wants one mailed to them gratis just drop me a line and I’ll pop it in the mail for you… I dumped a TON of them at Origins and they disappeared quick enough, so I’ve done my part to promote the mag.

funny link of the day, courtesy of EC: http://www.layersmagazine.com/features/feature_cs2/flea.htm

and now I wait for an email….



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