my right foot = Quebec

… and other assorted ramblings…

the Wookie got paged at 10:30 last night and went into work – technically he WAS still on vacation… jerks. He came back just after nine and brought a McD’s brekka, and is now sleeping until noon.

*nasty McD burp*

it’s so bad for you but so darned good…


anyway, the tale of me foot…

remember last week when I fractured/broke the third toe in on my right foot by smashing it into the back of the cart at Walmart? It’s not bothering me at all, but does hurt if I touch it directly or step on it, obviously… but it’s cushioned by the other two.

or was, as it seems.

so we’re at Origins and I notice that my toenails are just a wee bit too long and annoying – that’s what you get for wearing sandals or going barefoot all the time and then putting running shoes on. So I ask the Wook for his MacGyver knife of All Things and he pops out the wee scissor attachment so I can take the worst of the tall nails off.

(you can see this coming, right?)

so I get to the last toe on my right foot and like in slow motion I see as I’m pressing down on the scissor part that the very tip of the blades is not only going to cover my wee nail but also go into the nice fat fleshy side of my NEXT toe… the one next to the broken/fractured one.

and sure enough, I cut it… and it bleeds like a so-and-so as the Wookie gets the washcloth and bandages it up, promising me that he will never give me another sharp object.

remember that last line, please.

it’s not that annoying, just more of a fat papercut after all. But it’s still funny.

so, as I said in a previous post, we bought weaponery at Origins. The beautiful Gimli axe from LOTR, to be precise. Absolutely gorgeous.

and yesterday we’re unpacking and preparing stuff to be put away. His Viking sword has a scabbard, but nothing on the axe. So he lays it down on the ground on the carpet as we work around it.

(foreshadowing – it’s a Good Thing.)

the Viking sword, btw, is as dull as a spoon. Which I’m happy about, of course. And he does note that the axe is sharp, which is odd considering it’s an exhibition piece.

(yes, you can see it coming…)

anyway, I’m wrestling to open up our Apocalpse Dragon to check it out before putting it up on eBay for auction – make sure it’s all there and everything… and I feel a wee twinge on the LAST toe of my right foot.

which, it seems, was just close enough to the axe on the carpeted floor to get another nice little cut.

the Wookie sighs, cries, and runs to get more first aid as I limp to the bathroom.

now, let me point out that I’m a city girl. I slap a bandage on these things and go on with my life. The Wookie, being a very thorough man, puts Bactine on first, then hydrogen peroxide, then alcohol and THEN a bandage with plenty of Neosporin smeared on it to keep the nasties out.

so now my right foot has TWO bandages on the last two toes and the third one looks rather purplish… and yes, I can still walk.

but darn it, I think my right foot is trying to secede from the rest of my body…


*limps away*


2 thoughts on “my right foot = Quebec

  1. What am I going to do with you????!!!
    You are forbidden to walk around for the next three days…otherwise I fear your other foot is only biding its time. lol.

  2. What am I going to do with you????!!!
    You are forbidden to walk around for the next three days…otherwise I fear your other foot is only biding its time. lol.

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