back, alive…

… and crashing into a world of stupidity.

first, had a GREAT time at Origins – met up with Allie and her sweet man for some chat and nourishment, although way too tired to actually game… that’s what you get for getting old, kiddies!

weaponery was purchased and now the Wookie is preparing to place said items around the house for “easy” access in case of emergency… first guy who gets my morningstar lodged in his head is going to tick me off bigtime, but it does satisify my Canadian urge to hurt, but not kill.


come back, fall down last night and call up parental unit.

now there’s a fun call.

her landlord, sweet jerk that he is, “wants to know what she’s going to do” by the end of the week – in other words, he took the $100 my mother had (out of the $650 she pays rent each month) and is tossing her out at some point. I doubt he’ll be able to rent the place at ALL given that it’s the summer and there’s no kitchen, but it’s his decision. I’d say go for some money over none, but it ain’t my house.

irregardless, we’re now heading into crisis mode where parental unit SHOULD BE, as in, TODAY, going to the Food Bank and calling the Red Cross worker AND checking the papers for a livable room for her to move into. She’s already shutting down mentally and bleating that she can’t handle more than one thing at a time and part of me wants to rush up and fix things, but I know from bitter experience that I just can’t. She’s going to have to find the room and a place to store her stuff that won’t fit IN the room and then get moved without my physical appearance, if at all possible. Reason is that while the Wookie is graciously offering to front one month’s worth of rent for the room (at least) I’d rather send her the cash than spend that amount going up there by plane (at the last minute) and then trying to work around someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Been there, done that a few times already and I just come home frustrated and we’re no further along that road.

so if anyone knows of a cheap room/apartment in the Barrie/Midland area of Ontario who’s dying for a senior who smokes and has a ‘lil cat (which I can’t ask her to get rid of, of course…) drop me a private note.

meanwhile, I’ll sit here and just feel as guilty as all get out.


and the sister unit is in for a biopsy today on a “free-moving” cyst under her jaw – they want to draw a culture, blah blah blah. And she’s been having fainting spells, to boot.

meanwhile, in my sweet part of the world had a few rejections but GRIT ( has my story “The Project” in their July issue, which is sweet… except you can only get it through subscription. However, it DID pay the most I’ve made to date for fiction and did pay for my last trip home in September, so…

more to come as I regain consciousness…


and yes, I did wear the hat. And carry the backpack. And felt a wee bit geeky until I saw the big guy carrying the Powerpuff girls backpack who was older than me.

It’s a Good Thing.



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