just got off the phone with the parental unit – she’s now talking about coming down here for a few months to build up her cash flow (courtesy of Canada Pension Plan) and then going back home with a bit of extra cash…

only problem with that is that while the Wookie is generous enough to consider this as part of marrying me (in the trials and tribulations part) he’s not going to let her come here without a clear exit plan. And she can’t stay here past six months, as per the LAW and I ain’t going to get the INS pissed off at me.

she’s looking at moving into a furnished room, etc. and I’m telling her to see if she can get into one NOW instead of waiting a few months and all that. She’s in debt to the loan sharks who run the Moneymart near her place as well as in debt to the bank courtesy of an overdraft that she keeps maxing out to pay her rent in the illegal basement apartment she’s in right now.

this… is not good.

not to mention she’s still ranting about how she could find a job if she only moved back to Toronto. I hate to keep reminding her, but the world’s changed a lot and there’s not going to be work for a 63 year old data entry operator.


and look… my back’s hurting again.



double bleah.



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