one totally fragged weekend – the MIL had knee replacement surgery on Friday, which went well…
they took her in at 10:30 after her lying there for two hours and then paged us at noon to say that they’d been delayed, so she was JUST going in. Then we dragged around the hospital until she got up to her room from recovery at 5:30.
we not happy campers.
all weekend it’s been to the hospital and back, with breaks for food shopping and a run to the large Borders near Monroeville for yours truly to do a birthday splurge on KP cinemanga books and… The Dummy’s Guide to Romance Writing.
and a few more writing books at the B&N next door, to help the economy. Good thing I can write this all off.
so today it’s laundry, catching up on notes from friends who wished me a good b-day (tho, again, as per my usual routines they all disappear into the ether nicely..) and trying to justify buying so much CRAP by whipping out WFC articles.

no big, as Kim would say.



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