the local drive-in is advertising Hitchhiker’s Guide as “coming soon”!


yes, it’s an abnormal love I have for the drive-in. The last one in Toronto, at the intersection of two major highways (400 and 401, for those who love maps) closed years ago and I’ve been missing them ever since.

but here, in wee Brownsville, we have a three screen beauty that has themed screens, decent food and a security cart that whips around to make sure all’s good in happytown…

yes, it’s sad – but the way I figure it, how cute it is that the Wook still puts up with me wanting to go to the drive-in and watch silly movies at my age?


went and saw Hellboy (again), Punisher, Alien vs Predator, I Robot last year… and hoping to do more this year, if the weather permits. (and Kill Bill 2 and Dawn of the Dead by watching on the other screen while our film ran… I’m sneaky like that!)

man… I am out in the boonies.

sad, sad, sad…


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