oh, forgot to mention that my new backbone is showing – a month ago some JehoWitnesses showed up at the front door – me quick to grab phone and claim to be on line with sister long distance and thanked them for literature.

they returned today and I thanked them for their ministry but told them that I was secure in my faith and that I wasn’t in need of their help. They were nice, but I could tell that they were somewhat surprised that I encouraged them to continue their ministry – just not with me at the present time.

now this may seem like a little bit o’fluff, but trust me – a few years ago they would have had me for hours. Heck, the first summer I was here I was tapped twice for visitations and listened more than I should of.

so I saved both of us useful working time and sent them on their way with good words and pleasant talk.

man, it’s been a day.


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