just got a phone call from someone I didn’t even know.

seems my Letter to the Editor ran today and he wanted to thank me and have a good laugh.

It’s A Good Day To Be A Writer.

that, plus selling little ditties are beginning to add up – nonfiction claptrap for sites, but it’ll help offset our convention plans, doncha know.

oh, here’s the letter – Herald Standard today, but not up on their website yet.

Outside my front door, directly in line with my mailbox is a pair of potholes. One large, one small, teardrop-shaped and growing almost daily. They are much like every other pothole in Pennsylvania, I suspect, being deep and filled with water and threatening to rip the undercarriage off of any car naïve or daring enough to race over them at high speed.

And yet, I’ve fallen in love with them.

Let me explain my newfound love of potholes in two words – speed bumps. The road on which I have lived for five years has become a bit of a speedway for local traffic, with college students racing to the bar and residents racing to other areas of town at breakneck speed. The first summer I spent here, five years ago, I called the police department to ask if there was any way to slow down the speeders on this small, lane and a half, road.

The officer was polite, but honest. There was nothing they could do other than maintain their vigilance on that section of their patrol, but my complaint was registered and I did appreciate that.

But now I appreciate the potholes more.

They serve as wonderful speed inhibitors for my community, slowing down traffic almost to the posted speed limit. I used to wince every time I heard the loud engine of a sportscar coming towards my house, but now I smile; knowing the driver is about to dip almost below the horizon into the pothole next to my mailbox.

And I’ll miss the Dynamic Duo when the county truck rolls on by and fills them in, as they do every year. But I know that a year from now the potholes will return, like the swallows to Capistrano, and the speed demons in my community will swear and curse their existence, while I applaud the pothole-enforced speed limits even more.

And that’s why I love my potholes.

hey, with all the heavy stuff out there I felt that I had to say something light… and hopefully, bring a smile to some  faces today.



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