people can be rather annoying…

… especially when you’re trying to be helpful.

just spent the better part of the day (between finding new places to sub two short stories and a flash piece) working on a rather lengthy post at The Writer mag about PublishAmerica – two pals who have been fighting the good fight against PA come over to post their comments and suddenly the local forum ghouls are atop them for daring to post without posting their qualifications! And then when one does, she’s shouted down as being presumptous and bragging…

did I mention the second supporter actuallly WROTE for The Writer? October, 2004 issue… but they’re yelping troll all over the place. Finally the mod stepped in and told everyone to chill and move on.


people really do have too much time on their hands.

and yes, stay clear of PublishAmerica at all costs. You can quote me on that.


and the bronchitis is doing well, thank you – especially with another full day of rain.


quick, to the Robussin DM!



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