various blatherings…

… since I slept like crap last night. Well, I think I slept. Didn’t seem like it since I was thinking all the time.

I think.

anyway, funky links I’ve found.

if you like Dragons… great backstories abound! Love the history here… and even if you’re not a D&D fan, it’s a darned good read!

Good People Do Get Nice Things Once In A While link  – talk about taking on a thankless job here…


for all you Democrats afraid to travel…  – just don’t forget to put in your 20% tax at the front door for Canada, eh?

and for you draft dodgers/objectors, etc… this and this .

although for the life of me I can’t figure out either one of them. Either the Marine is truly the stupidest man in the world and avoided all the media for years about these supposed events… which makes him an accomplice, if I recall all the bleatings about Kerry correctly. Funny how all the imbeds missed this too. Sure his Marine buds miss having him on the line with him.
as for the actual wanker being discussed – well, I’m sure Canada’ll be glad to have him around. Just don’t ask him to do anything for Canada or he’ll be filing refugee status in Mexico next.

’nuff said.


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