20 years…

well, yesterday was odd…

went to the dentist to have a bit of work done again – the enamel that had been put on my front two teeth years ago had chipped away due to a nasty piece of bread (again!) so I went in for an appt – no filling, just pretty girl stuff…

first crisis: “You’re NOT going to freeze me?”

“No. If you feel this, you’ll be the first person in the history of dentistry to feel it.”


well, sure enough – he did the work and didn’t feel a thing. Sweetie that he is, the doctor even gave it as a freebie, since we’ve given them so much work since we started this dance back in April. Of course, my next appt. is in January for another major side of the mouth to be done, inlays and all… but I’m happy for another six weeks, right?

second crisis: we walk out to the car and sure enough, it’s still dripping antifreeze. This, after about two grand in repairs over the past month.

so we drive to the dealership and they tell us to get in line and they’ll see if they can squeeze us in sometime during the day.


so, we do the next best thing.

we buy a new car.


2004 Taurus, baby… still got that new car smell to it and all!


now I just need to sell enough writing to help pay off that new car loan, but… sheesh. At least I know the Wookie’s getting to and from work without imminent car failure, ya know?

and, to make the day SO complete… the SIL sees it at the gas station and is agog.

totally agog.

so’s the MIL.

thus, the title of this post – ’cause I’m sure I just chucked in at LEAST another twenty years in Purgatory for enjoying their reactions so much to my husband’s new car purchase.

I am such a wench.

heh, heh.


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