damn it…

MIL is just being rushed to hospital – she’s nauseous, and has a blood sugar of 370 or some such thing… hubby’s on the way and I’m here watching the cooking turkey.

she’s had this before and we think it’s a combo of meds or something like that – she’s on a slew for diabetes, cholesterol and her arthritis, but usually this happens at night. Wook’s sure she’s going to be admitted, as she was the last time – I think it’s the darned doctors combining meds and she’s not exactly eating properly for a woman with diabetes to boot; everyone has their weak spots where sugar is involved.


at least they’re on the way to the hospital… updates as warrant; gonna keep making dinner since it’s mostly opening cans and packages o’stuff. Wookie did his brine for the two turkey bundles and a dry rub for them before popping them into oven – it’s a Godsend to have a husband who loves to cook. DNA will be up on eBay for sale as soon as I figure out how to clone the sweetie.


later, dudes…

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