well, another set of filling redone – this time, upper left if anyone’s still keeping count. Lots of good freezing, but now he tells me I’ll need a crown on one of these buggers eventually.

next week – one more! In the front!

the Wookie goes on Friday! his first time since the original Gulf War!


yes, I am a sick, sick woman. Moreso now that I’ve discovered Panera Bread and their wonderful loaves for home usage.


on the up side, if there is one… er, not really. Mother’s quit her job; nephew was rushed to hospital over weekend due to high fever – both fine now, seems that this sort of kid fever thing runs in the family.

I’m not sure about the insanity part. Already got the Wook to promise me that if I’m acting like my mother at her age he’ll take me out into the back and shoot me humanely.



but the freezing is worn off; the Wook’s in getting the car fixed AGAIN and I’ve got a luvely quiche experiment in the oven – SouthWestern Eggbeaters, low fat Bisquick for the crust, Mrs Dash for the seasoning (aside from the peppers in the eggbeaters, of course) and two cups of low-fat cheese.

it may kill us, but damn it – we’re going to eat healthy!

(and if it doesn’t work out, I can justify calling out for pizza tonight…)

heh, heh.


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