I’m seeing a lot of ranting and raving on other blogs and LJ about how the religious right are taking over the country, yatta yatta yatta.

Then, pray tell, how come Pennsylvania went to Kerry? I live in an area that has a LOT of churches and I can tell you that they’re all VERY full on Sundays, if the crowd at the Eat N Park buffet and every other restaurant after services is any indication. There’s always articles in the papers about this church group doing this and that and so forth. This is an area that went solidly Democrat not only this time but also in 2000.

and yet, to hear some of the panicky posts describe it, all these people who voted for Kerry are all evangilical idiots who are sitting in front of their fireplaces burning books and waiting for the Rapture.

now, I realise it’s easy to pigeonhole people because that makes them archetypes and easier to hate and despise, but I think a lot of these posters need to get their heads out of their behinds, take a deep breath and walk outside of their secure little bubble of conspiracies and stereotypes. Are there churches in New York City? Are they filled? Did NYC go Bush this time around?

I don’t think so…

so there are “religious wackos” who voted for Kerry, same as there are those who voted for Bush. And I bet there are a lot of athiests (self declared, since I’m not sure if anyone is ever truly an athiest…) who voted for Bush as well as for Kerry.

it’s nice to put the blame on one group for the election results, but a shake of the head will show that for some reason Kerry failed to get the vote of a lot of people for a variety of reasons – and not just the moral values thing, although it’s being focused on as if it were the only thing that he lost on. News flash, while moral values sat at 22% in the exit polls the ECONOMY came in at 23%. And yet we’re not seeing a lot of analysis on how he failed to get his economic message across, eh?

I’m seeing posters declaring that the South is full of idiots and bigots; threats to go to Canada and outrageous claims being made that everyone who reads the Bible is somehow a mental idiot who wanders around looking for gays to bash. It’s quite sad, really.

Folks, ain’t nothing going to happen in the next four years. Really. Come back and read this post in four years and do a check. Bush can’t run again and it’s likely that with the checks and balances that the US electoral system has in place that a Democrat will take the office. Sure, it’s a concern that the Democrats lost more seats than they should have, but someone made a mistake. There’s no world-wide conspiracy to rig machines or pay off voters or to set off nuclear annhilation. Maybe when you’re all older you’ll get a bit more appreciation of  how time really doesn’t change much in the long run. In two years the Republicans will start infighting to get their new candidate and so forth – nothing will change.

just a very sad commentary on the human state of affairs where people seem to want to beat on others for their beliefs before even checking on WHAT their beliefs are.

’nuff said.


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