I love my Wookie, but at times he’s just too cute for words.

yesterday I’m down with a migraine – lying in bed, but a sore throat develops – probably nothing more than a cold, but you know how when you’re sick in the first place everything is SO much worse?

me: Honey, can you plug in the kettle? I think I’ll make myself some hot tea and lemon and honey.

him: Why? What’s wrong?

me: Oh, I have a sore throat.

him: Ah! (runs to bathroom) It could be strep throat! (sound of bathroom cabinet opening) Let me get the thermometer!

(rushes back with thermometer, pops it into my mouth)

him: No fever. That’s good.

me: I love you but go plug in the kettle.

if I could, I’d put his DNA up on eBay for cloning.


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