well, I suddenly figured out last night in my sleep what’s disturbing me so much about this election; even though I have no ability to take part in it.

the utter and total lack of CLASS on both sides.

Class, as my grandmother taught me, is not for the rich nor the educated – you can be as poor as a churchmouse and have much more class than the richest man or woman in your area. Class is knowing how to stay above the dirt and to conduct yourself as a proper lady (in my case) while never stooping down to the level of a caveman.

this election has no Class. On both sides.

if our kids were in school and we saw a campaign for class president run in the same way as we’re seeing this one go, we’d be outraged. We’d be writing letters to the editor and calling the principal on a daily basis with a list of concerns about how our children would be affected by being taught a variety of ways to dig in the gutter for information and how to threaten, intimidate and harass the voters on both sides. And I’m not just talking Michael Moore, who I realised is the winner of the no-class award for this particular election to date.

and yet we accept this in our candidates and the adults beside us; the ones who toss rhetoric around more than facts; that accept blind accusations as truth and scream at anyone who dares to question the validity of the facts – we shrug it off and say that it’s all for the Good of The Country and heck, it’s the way the game is played.

But, folks… it doesn’t have to be.

it’s probably too late now to change anything for this generation since we’ve all been raised on the “I want it NOW!” belief of selfishness and lack of self-control, but it’d be nice to see people start standing up and demanding a little more class from their candidates and those who support them.

Kerry/Bush – both campaigns have been totally classless in depicting the other one as everything from a babykiller to a spineless worm – neither of which are true and hopefully no matter who wins there’ll be a bit of bad feelings afterwards about how the campaigns were run and words spoken. But I doubt it.

But wait, you say – what’s the harm in it? Where’s the need in society for class in a world perched on the edge of destruction, depending on your personal beliefs?

I predict, with a heavy heart, that at least one or two people will die on Tuesday as a direct result of this election. Maybe they’ll be standing in line and have a heart attack from being harassed by volunteers from both sides; maybe they’ll be caught in the middle of a fistfight between “monitors” who don’t have any faith in the system, maybe they’ll be driving away from the polling station in a fit of confusion from being terrorized by both sides, European monitors and lawyers ready to file a lawsuit on the drop of a dime for being denied their rights and a pedestrian gets killed.

Everyone, of course, will hold their bodies up and claim them to be martyrs for this cause and that, for the right to vote for the black/white/woman/man/minority/disabled/independent/senior/republican/democrat/etc.

but it’ll just be another nail in the coffin of civilization – because when you lose all class, you lose all sense of civility.

and where did you think Civilization came from?

’nuff said.


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