Presenting the Mammomat 3000!


that’s what the monster machine was called when I went in today for my first mammogram. I don’t know if the makers thought they were being funny, but I did get a chuckle or three out of it.

at least until the technician was gone WAY too long with my Xrays.

she returns; tells me that the radiologist is concerned about my right breast and we need more shots.

squish, squish.

ouch, ouch.

“Wait here until we can get you into ultrasound.”

increased pulse rate.

warm gel; squishy pictures on the screen.

“Oh, that’s okay. It’s just a few small cysts. See you next year.”


sitting here with some Baileys (against the Wookie’s wishes since he’s deathly allergic, but I NEEDED it) and after scarfing half a good pizza pie I’m beginning to feel better.

but still almost weepy.




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