random synapses firings…

another filling. ugh.

at least the next two appointments aren’t until the end of November – I’m getting better in my irrational fear and have gotten up the nerve to keep asking for more and more freezing, but I’m not that much of a maochist that I want to do this on a weekly basis.


Superman died yesterday. Very bummed out. He was a great fella and we’re all going to miss him ‘orribly in the great fan world of comics and television.


got me one of those pedometers – you’re supposed to do about 10,000 steps a day to be healthy?

day one – just under 5000.

*deeper sigh*

must go work on novel, contemplate having me breasts squished tomorrow for my first mammogram ever (yes, there ARE some bad things about hitting 40, I guess…) and think about how to walk in place while… walking in place.


Wookie’s off to bring me back a mocha mochachino from Dairy Queen. Cold, frozen chocolate coffee milkshake of sorts.



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