another reason to love men…

putting away the groceries last night in the kitchen and suddenly I feel a bit of a pain in my left foot – look down, figure I’ve stomped on a bit of hard cat food or something like that – the usual thing you get while dashing about barefoot, which is my preference.

call the Wookie over to take a look, since I can’t twist myself around (having no yoga experience) to see the left side of my left foot.

he extracts a LONG piece of glass that somehow survived numerous vaccuumings and cleanings – I can’t tell you the last time we broke a glass in there…

offers to carry me to bathroom to fix up foot; I decline due to not wanting to snap his back in two and hobble over… leaving a glorious blood trail through TWO carpeted rooms and into the bathroom.


he cleans it, slaps three types of alcohol and then ointment on it before putting bandage on. It’s fine now, but was bleeding like a geyser due to the movement, of course.

it’s good to have a man around for some things.

stop eyeing the cucumber.



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