someone from the ACT group just showed up at the front door – asking if I was registered to vote. I assume that if I had said “yes” they would have gone into their left-wing spiel about how Bush is killing babies in the street, yatta yatta yatta.

trust me, Canadians know con artists when we see one. Heck, we make them Prime Minister.

and I wasn’t fooled by this “we just want to make sure you’re registered to vote” mantra – not when you’re out to court my vote and probably offer me a free ride if I vote for Kerry. Could lie, but it’s a nice day outside and I wasn’t in the mood for that sort of deception. On my end, anyway.

I smiled and informed him that I was Canadian but took a pamphlet for the Wookie, who will most likely put it in the cat box.

heh, heh.


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