Heart palpatations…

so I’m here looking to and fro getting things straightened away to get my flight to Canada for two weeks of family bliss (yes, that’s meant to be a joke) and the phone rings.

It’s the Health Center.

Where I was on Friday for my test.


“Hi there! We see you’ve scheduled your mammogram for Oct.14 and was wondering if you wanted to perhaps do it sooner at a different facility?”

“No, I’m okay – going to Canada for two weeks in September, so it’s all good.”

“Right – thanks! Have a good day!”

I swear, my heart is still racing a thousand beats a minute. Because the last thing you want to see on your caller ID a few days after a test is the hospital calling.

it’s all good, tho.

it’s all good.


Lord, I wish I had some booze in the house.



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