and yet more movie reviews…

… like you care, right?

humor an old broad…


okay, first – Aliens vs Predator…

off the top, I’m not a big fan of slasher/horror films – I’ve seen too much working in the hospitals to really either be grossed out or have too much logic to figure out the majority of silly horror flicks, but being an Aliens fan from way back I had to go see this one – plus, it was the top movie at the local drive-in which I ADORE going to ’cause it’s fun to snuggle with the hubby in the car and make fun of movies, doncha know…

overall, a good movie – a bit dark, so don’t be wearing your sunglasses, but it did drag a bit in the beginning – a good XF reference if you catch it in the beginning, and a good connection to the entire Aliens franchise – but once the characters get into trouble it moves along nicely. Good character acting by the moogs in the Predator suits, I really think they did a good job getting their emotions across without doing much more than screaming – good use of hand gestures and emotions on their “faces” – all in all, a good movie and nothing to make your brain hurt.

I, Robot.

Isaac, they SO done you wrong. But this movie is actually GOOD and probably would have done better at the box office if they had just NOT stolen the title from one of the most famous books in science fiction. Will Smith does a passable job of flexing his naked bod and looking pouty about how he dislikes robots, but it moves at a good clip and the special effects are good – despite a few that make you just kind of yawn and wonder where they put the money… if they hadn’t called this by that title it may have actually done well at the box office in the long run – I predict it may have a second life in rental when people rent it and see how good it could be once you get past the title.

a glaring problem the Wook and I have noticed with Catwoman and now I, Robot – producers are now trying to cash in on a franchise without actually DOING the franchise – Catwoman was a decent flick but was so promoted as being The Catwoman from The Comics that when you saw it, it was bound to fall flat because they had done such a major rewrite of canon and the entire story – if they had called it “The Cat” or some such thing it might have gotten less fan buzz but may have survived better. Same with “I, Robot” – take away the Asimov connection and yes, less press due to the connection but you may actually not want to faint when you see how far it is from the initial book…

holding out for the Invincibles…

so, in total:

AvP – Two Dragon Claws up!
I, Robot – One Dragon Claw up, one wobbling while balancing a cuppa tea…

until next time, Dragonfolk!

*sound of cape wooshing*
*sound of falling and crashing*



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