it has been a remarkably wasteful day – I told the Wookie to bring home dinner since I skipped lunch in lieu of a bag of potato chips that are BAD for me and I only did six minutes on the treadmill but did manage to heist da weights for a bit…


did manage to get over a thousand words done, but that’s going to have to be reworked. I’m still stuck in this idea of saying as little as possible – which works fine in fanfic when you know who the characters are and all that, but sucks in developing your own story. Take note, all you writers. Yeah, right – like I’m an authority on anything today other than playing solitaire on the Neopets website. – evil, pure and simple. Play the games, don’t bother too much with the pet… I’m collecting virtual stamps, believe it or not. Ack.

yes, Dorothy – you can find a plethora of ways to avoid anything. And I ain’t even going to think about the laundry, the dust bunnies attacking the cats nor the fact that tonight is yet another crappy night for television with the exception of “Rescue Me” on FX at ten – if you haven’t caught this yet, try to – it’s an excellent series.

now if I could only OPEN the 9/11 comission report book without tearing up. I am such a wuss in my old age.



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