movie review:Collateral

well, I’ll say up front that I’m not a big Cruise fan. Seriously. I’ve never PAID to see a movie that he’s been in and don’t have swooning fits whenever he pops onto the screen with a new love or movie or whatever.

but darn it… he rocked this movie to the max. And that’s something.

I was also a bit worried about it being one long music video thanks to Michael Mann (who I worship at the altar of Miami Vice!) but that didn’t happen either – in fact, the choreography was fantastic; the music sharp and appropriate, the acting enlightened and darn it… a great movie. Jamie Foxx busted it out with a fantastic performance and played off of Cruise in a way that should, in theory, get them both Oscar nominations. I haven’t seen Cruise this out of character ever, and he did it so well that I hope his agent takes note and finds more outlets for his talent.

Foxx + Cruise = excellent flick. Lots of violence, however – not for the squeamish – you do not see a lot of gore, but there’s plenty of bullets flying and a lot, a LOT of people getting shot. You may not see the blood spurting everywhere, but you’ll see it, believe me.

Jada Pinkett Smith did so well with her short screen time that she almost stole the show. Darn it, she stole every scene she was in.

Two big Dragon Claws up for this movie – if you’re a Cruise fan, go see it. If you’re NOT a Cruise fan, go see it. If you’re a Foxx fan, go see it. If you’re not… then become one, darn it!


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