The Box…

…is alive and well and stuck at Canada Post in Barrie. My mother just received the third notice, meaning that she has to go pick it up ASAP or they’ll send it back to me.

of course, she never received the FIRST or SECOND notice.


now, I’m glad that the box at least is still seemingly intact and going to arrive, but I’m bleeped that they skipped the first two notices. You can bet that if it had arrived back here I’d be screaming blue murder yet again. As it is, I’m still holding my breath until mom calls and tells me that it’s there and all intact.

before you all think I’m just a rabid anti-unionist, let me point out an experience I had, back in the 80’s as a security guard.

I was hired to work a night shift at one of the major postal sorting plants, down by the lake. A contract position, it was in a multi-level warehouse and we weren’t working for Canada Post at all.

I, fresh out of college and thoughtful, was determined to go in with a clear mind and no pre-concieved notions. After all, rumors are easy to hear and spread and if I didn’t see it for myself, well… it wasn’t true.

Oh, My Lord… they were ALL true.

I tripped over night shift workers sleeping on piles of mailbags so they could stay late and claim overtime to finish their work; I saw parcels being tossed around like basketballs irregardless of being marked “fragile” or not; I saw envelopes and letters being lost through cracks in the floor; stepped on and coffee dripped on them. By the end of the first month I was seriously thinking of never sending anything by CP again.

and THAT, my friends, is why I distrust Canada Post. I’ve lost stuff I’ve sent to people; the Wookie lost a box he sent up to me because he marked the correct items in the customs form and included some collectible cards that made it a valuable item to steal and it was. And the Valentine’s day card completes the latest in an ongoing state of distrust of CP.

now, USPS has never done me wrong in four years – so far. They WORK on Saturdays (unlike CP) and actually deliver on holidays. You can imagine my shock when I found out that they do all this and even deliver everyday! (In Toronto you only get mail three times a week and never on Saturdays. Yes, it’s a major city.)

ramblings off – time for chai tea, toast and me morning Joyce Meyer show.

*wags finger*

oh, behave!


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